Standing Up For Your Rights

Protecting Your Rights At DMV Hearings

Having your license suspended can cause major disruption in your life. Not only are you unable to drive to work or school, but you also face many frustrating hours if you try to recover your license — if that is even possible. Having a guide to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can smooth the way and reduce the stress of having your license suspended.

At David B. Smith, Attorney at Law, we help clients resolve DMV matters that range from license suspension after a drunk driving (DWI) arrest to dealing with a vehicle title problem. As an attorney who has spent his entire legal career in the Greensboro area, Mr. Smith knows how people in the region treasure their ability to drive. He appears at DMV hearings to help clients recover their driver’s licenses.

Reasons For DMV Hearings And Driver’s License Suspensions

Our firm has helped clients whose licenses were suspended or revoked for:

  • Multiple speeding tickets
  • Arrest for DWI
  • Failure to pay an out-of-state ticket
  • Driving on a revoked or suspended license
  • Using another person’s license or learner’s permit
  • Open vehicle title
  • Refusing breath or blood tests

Our attorney schedules and appears at DMV hearings to contest license suspensions and revocations. We advise clients to take action quickly, as there is often a time limit on how long a driver has to argue against a revocation or suspension. When our attorney appears with you at the hearing, he will state your case for the restoration of your license. He may argue for a hardship license. He may explain the mitigating circumstances. He may cite weather and road conditions. He uses the facts of your case to develop an effective argument for reinstatement.

Learn More To Get Back On The Road

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