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Asset Forfeiture And Its Impact

If you are involved in a situation that may lead to either a civil or criminal forfeiture, you need a skilled attorney who understands the forfeiture laws. At the law office of David B. Smith, Attorney at Law, we have considerable experience with forfeiture laws and will work tirelessly to see that your rights are protected. If your property has been seized by the government, contact an attorney immediately to learn what you can do. Call the Greensboro law office of David B. Smith, Attorney at Law.

What Is Civil Or Criminal Forfeiture?

Forfeiture is a difficult area of the law, giving rise to issues of civil liberties and private property. Most forfeiture is civil, and is based on the notion that the property itself, such as money, or real property such as a house, a gun or a car, was used in violation of the law. Criminal forfeiture is a form of punishment, and is used as part of the penalty for a criminal conviction. In civil forfeiture, it is frequently very difficult to get your property back, even if you had nothing to do with any crime. It is therefore critical to consult with an attorney if your property is seized in a civil forfeiture proceeding.

At the law office of David B. Smith, Attorney at Law, our attorney has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you recover your property, whether you have experienced a real property seizure or the attachment of other assets. We take the time to listen to your side of the story and determine whether you can use a so-called innocent owner defense.

Forfeiture Cases Are Complex, Work With An Attorney With Experience

It is frequently difficult to disprove the government’s assertions about the criminal nature of the property. It requires a seasoned lawyer knowledgeable about the strategies used by government attorneys. As a former government lawyer, David B. Smith is well-positioned to help people whose assets were wrongly seized. He knows the drug forfeiture laws and all related state and federal statutes related to civil and criminal forfeiture, and is prepared to take strong action on your behalf. Contact our Greensboro, North Carolina, law office or call us at 336-646-7984 to learn how we can help you get your property back.

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